Michele Clark in the News: US News and World Report “Your Retirement Benefits”

US News and World Report quoted me in their article “Your Retirement Benefits: What to Expect in 2013” on their website this week.

I shared my thoughts on 401(k) fee disclosures.  401(k) providers are required to disclose the fees for the plan.  All things being equal, if two funds are simlar but one has lower fees than the other, choosing the fund with lower fees will allow the investor to keep more of their money invested for their future.

The article is full of information on a variety of topics.  It covers information about changes to contribution limits, the Roth IRA income limit increase, the saver’s credit, the pension insurance limit for 2013, the increase in Social Security taxes (expiration of the tax cut), and Medicare premiums and coverage.

Michele Clark in the News: US News and World Report

I was interviewed by US News and World Report recently about 401(k)s.  My thoughts appeared in an article on their website this week entitled “10 Strategies to Maximize Your 401(k) Balance.”

When Emily Brandon from US News and World Report called me I shared with her an idea for making it easier to save more in your 401(k), and we talked a bit about the new fee disclosure rules in 401(k)s and what that means for employees.  We also talked about the importance of adjusting your investment portfolio as you get closer to retirement.

If you would like to read the results of our conversation, and how she interwove it with the conversation she had with two other advisors, you can read the article here: 10 Strategies to Maximize Your 401(k) Balance.

Michele Clark in the news: Washington Family and Calgary’s Child

As a financial advisor and the mother of two boys, making sure that kids understand real life money concepts is important to me.  Habits around saving, investing, and philanthropy can be established when children are young.  So I was pleased to share some ideas which were highlighted in two magazines recently. I was quoted in the January 2012 issue of Washington Family magazine in the article “Starting a Piggy Bank Teach Savings Early” and in the January/February 2012 issue of Calgary’s Child magazine in the article “Help Your Kids Be Money-Savvy.”

Michele Clark in the news: Money Magazine

Money Magazine recently offered money makeovers to five families across the nation in an article titled “Five Families, Five Fixes”.  An O’Fallon, Missouri semi-retired couple had asked to participate and Money Magazine selected me to prepare a financial plan for this couple.  They are a terrific couple and I helped them with questions that many new retirees face. Each family has a story written about them.  The story about the couple that I helped is “Laid off and making the retirement savings last.”   See the Money Magazine article here.