Missouri Unclaimed Property: Are you due some money?

Did you know that if you don’t stay in contact with your financial institution that you can “lose” your money?  Where does it go?  To the state in which you last lived as far as the financial institution is aware.  That state holds it as Unclaimed Property.  They would really like people to come claim it, and ideally spend it, putting it back into the economy.

How do I find out if I have Unclaimed Property in Missouri?

It is easy and just takes a few seconds, really!  Go to www.showmemoney.com type in your last name leave a space then a few letters of your first name.  Did your name pop up?  Then you have Unclaimed Property!   Be sure to check other names you have had such as maiden names or other married names.

How do I get my Missouri Unclaimed Property? 

If your name popped up then click on the word “Select” next to your name then click on the “File a Claim” button under your name.  Most people can file a paperless claim this way.  If not, you can mail in a request, just follow the instructions online.

How much does it cost?

Do not pay anyone to find or get you your Unclaimed Property.  Just go to the Missouri Treasurer’s website.

What if I have lived in other states too?

Go to www.unclaimed.org to check the websites of other states in which you have lived.  They also have a great page with links to other types of lost money, like undeliverable federal tax refund checks, veterans benenfits you may be due, and lost money in overseas accounts.

What kind of items can become Unclaimed Property?   

The property comes from bank and brokerage accounts, stock dividends from certificated shares, unclaimed insurance proceeds, among other items.

How much money does Missouri have in Unclaimed Property right now?

There is 700 million dollars in Unclaimed Property in Missouri right now in 4.3 million accounts.  Since one in ten residents has unclaimed property be sure to tell your family and friends to look too.

How long does the money sit in Unclaimed Property in Missouri?

The money does not ever go to Missouri, it just sits there waiting to be claimed by you or your heirs.  So go get your money, the state wants you to spend it!  But you know what I would tell you… spend some, share some, invest some.

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